inspirational stories

Listen to inspiring accounts from Flow Life Yoga students

“I have been practicing yoga with Carrie for over 13 years. I honestly cannot think of anything better for myself, my body and my mind than Carrie’s yoga class. Nothing is as important as getting on my mat with Carrie teaching."

Rachael Bird

“I have a rather hectic life: my husband passed away 10 years ago from MND and I have three teenagers, one of whom is severely disabled requiring 2:1 round the clock care.

Yoga helps me leave behind the complications and worries of my life for an hour and a half, allowing me space to be me. It helps my body cope with the demanding rigours of manual handling when caring for my son. Yoga gives me the ability to carry on with life regardless of what life throws at me, and boy… at times .. it really throws it at me!”

“When I first came to yoga with Carrie, I was struggling to control my depression and anxiety with medication. Having a regular yoga practice with Carrie has given me the strength and stability not only to manage my symptoms, but over time, to no longer depend on medication at all."

Laura Knight

“With Carrie’s guidance and wisdom, I am no longer continually hampered by past or future worries; I am learning to be present in the moment and experience the power of now. Through my practice, I have a greater understanding of my sense of self and my connection to my breath. My physical and mental health has never been so good! The community Carrie has created is inclusive, supporting, loving and nurturing, and I will always be grateful for yoga!”

“Modern, Spiritual and a genuine sense of inquiry into the practice. She understands a sense of dark, and light, without, avoiding the pain, that heals our hearts. She allows the grieving process to express sorrows but deeply connect with the gift of life, within our body and heart and mind."

Kirsten White

“Carrie’s teaching is dynamic and complex, she opens the body to breath, physical practice, and connects with the mind, to realise the emotions and discover your ability to heal, with, guidance and practice of yoga and meditation.

My own experience, has of been one of finding inner peace, confidence, and a inner light that courageously helped me thorough one of the most difficult times of my life – I am so grateful she has help me awaken from such suffering with compassion and wisdom.  I would not be who I am today, without, her gift of teaching, light and love.