Group Classes

Friendly, instructor led, group classes for all ages and abilities

Challenge yourself

“Your body is an ocean, rich with hidden treasure. Open your inmost chamber, and light it’s lamp”


At Flow Life Yoga, we study Krama Vinyasa Flow. Krama Vinyasa means to place carefully in a special way. Thus our approach offers us the dynamism of a flow class, with an Iyengar approach to precision alignment. A great focus is placed on correct alignment and balance in the body, reflecting the philosophy of sthira-sukham or equal balance between effort and ease.

Vinyasa Flow also follows the one-breath-one movement principle, thus giving us the discipline of fully focussing on the importance of the breath throughout our practice. The breath is always your guide.

We follow a 90 minute practice which includes an opening establishment, a breathwork or pranayama, a full flow and a closing sequence followed by a 5 minute savasana. All asana work is balanced and counterbalanced. We ensure a full holistic practice on every level – mind, body and soul. Practice includes hands on adjustment and individualised teaching in a group setting. The guiding light is the principle of ahimsa, or non-harm. An emphasis is placed on self-responsibility and self-regulation so that you can learn to practice safely at a level that suits you, and honours your being and your energy.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind. And this includes being kind to yourself”

We pride ourselves on the strength of our yoga community and the support that this community offers to all of our members.