One to One Tuition

Personalised tuition to suit your needs

Deepen your practice, transform yourself today

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”

Antoine de Saint

One to one trainings offer a more yoga therapy approach, allowing the indulgence of full focus on particular issues that you feel may be holding you back from achieving your full life potential. These restrictions may be physical, and thus may require a precise re-alignment on an anatomical level; however they may equally well be mental or emotional restrictions that are held in the body and require a more esoteric approach. Yoga allows us to access all the layers of your being by working through the sheaths or “Koshas”, thus allowing us to unravel old patterns that may be stuck in your being on any level, be it physical, emotional or mental. By applying the 5 key pillars of yoga: correct posture, correct breath, correct nutrition, correct rest, and correct intention these scars soon melt way to reveal a re-emergence into a pathway of opportunity.

One to ones are a fully hands on approach to practice, requiring hands on adjustment, and the use of Thai yoga massage therapies. You will leave with a personal prescription for home practice which is essential if you are to gain the full benefit from the practice.

One to one training has worked as a therapy for students suffering from a variety of conditions, as well as general support for those wishing to deepen their yoga practice and spiritual knowledge. Our successes have so far included providing programmes for people suffering with anxiety and thus enabling them to finally be free of drug support, with the assistance and support of their GP; specific treatment for plantar fasciitis; prevention of neck surgery in a student suffering chronic neck pain and permanent headaches; the achievement of moderate mobility in a previously fully disabled student ( the damage to the spinal cord was a compression rather than a full restriction). The latter student has also lost over 3 stone in weight and has managed to massively reduce his accompanying drug therapy. 

Yoga encourages you to begin a journey of inner exploration, allowing you to understand and accept your own flaws and imperfections, and thus those of others. Everything we do, we do with kindness. Our Flow Life Yoga motto, FLY, also translates to First Love Yourself